Company Description

Pharmachem is a multi-certified manufacturer that operates cGMP facilities to produce the highest quality ingredients. Specific qualifications include:

  • NOP-certified organic
  • NSF-certified
  • AIB Superior
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Our mission is to provide the dietary supplements industry with consistently superior ingredients and value-added services, and thus to help improve the nutritional standards and lifestyles of global populations. We continually strive to find ways to increase our green practices in both manufacturing and processing; and ultimately reducing our environmental footprint. Our experts, executive, technical and sales/marketing staff are devoted to helping our brand marketer customers succeed in the marketplace.

Key Market Areas

Pharmachem Laboratories expertly serves marketers/manufacturers (including private label and direct sellers) positioned in the natural products, food and beverage, pet and cosmeceutical arenas.

Major Products

Pharmachem’s proprietary branded ingredient portfolio includes:

  • Prenulin (blood sugar support)
  • Phase 2 Carb Controller (weight and glucose control)
  • Lactium (mood/anxiety/stress/sleep support)
  • Cran-Max (women’s health/UTI support)
  • Probiotical (probiotics)
  • Benexia (plant-based EFAs; wholesome nutrition)
  • Celadrin (joint support)
  • Perluxan (joint support)

Pharmachem is also a global leader in application-specific processing of healthy ingredients including:

  • Custom extraction
  • Fractionation
  • Fermentation
  • Drying
  • Liquid-to-powder conversion
  • Granulation
  • Agglomeration
  • Blending
  • Nutrient fortification
  • Ready-to-drink powders
  • Beverage processing and packaging

What’s New? 

In 2014, Phase 2 Carb Controller® white kidney bean extract achieved GRAS status based on a notification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA notice stated: “Based on the information provided by Pharmachem, as well as other information available to FDA, the agency has no questions at this time regarding Pharmachem’s conclusion that white kidney bean extract is GRAS under the intended conditions of use.”

The notification resulted from a dossier of information submitted by Pharmachem regarding the composition, safety and clinical human evidence demonstrating that Phase 2 is a safe addition to foods and beverages aimed at the healthy weight loss market. Within the dossier, Pharmachem showcased an exposure assessment based on multiple food examples of the intended use of Phase 2 Carb Controller. The diversity of foods included: baked goods and baking mixes (breads, rolls, pizzas, muffins, frozen waffles and pancakes, tortillas, premixed baking products, bagels, crackers and cookies) and toppings (parmesan cheese, butter-flavored topping, spice topping and sugar sprinkles).

Also in 2014, Pharmachem received a license from the Natural Health Products Directorate, Ottawa, Canada, to market the ingredient with two health claims:

  • “At 6 capsules (3000 mg) per day: Assists in weight management when used with a program of reduced intake of dietary calories and increased physical activity”
  • “At 4-6 capsules (2000-3000 mg) per day: Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism following a carbohydrate rich meal.”                                      

The application for the claim was made on behalf of Pharmachem by Dicentra, Toronto, Canada.

And in 2014, Pharmachem’s wholly owned subsidiary, Improve USA, received the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) “Fair for Life” Social and Fair Trade certification (visit for its U.S.- and Mexico-based aloe vera operations. The certification confirms that Improve USA has met the requirements of having: fair trade practices, fair working and good working conditions, responsible relations with local community, long-term partnerships with fair trade producer operations, fair prices and fair trade premiums paid to producer operations and responsible labor practices.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2015


Pharmachem Laboratories Inc.

265 Harrison Ave.
Kearny, NJ 07032
Tel.: (800)526-0609
Fax: (201)246-8105
Year Founded: 1978

Key Personnel

Mitch Skop, director of new product development
Paul Borrell, vice president of sales