Company DescriptionAs a result of numerous strategic acquisitions, Pharmachem Laboratories has become a vertically integrated company capable of adding value to ingredients at every step in the production process—from extraction to encapsulation—so neatly captured in the company’s slogan: “We Make Ingredients Work” ™. The firm also assembled a quality-control staff, enabling it to achieve several important industry certifications, including: NOP-Certified Organic, NSF cGMP, HACCP, AID Superior, Kosher and Halal.

Pharmachem Laboratories has long focused onPharmachem Laboratoriesbeing one of the industry’s top-tier, one-stop houses of innovation. Vertical integration and expert employee leadership give Pharmachem the capability to develop custom solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers. More than anything else, developing distinguished custom solutions—as opposed to cookie-cutter products—sets Pharmachem apart from other companies.

Another key aspect of Pharmachem’s business is its cache of proprietary branded ingredients that suit the most pressing health concerns of modern lifestyles. Its branded ingredients are backed by solid science to ensure safety and efficacy. The company’s ingredients are clinically proven, cGMP, certified U.S. made, fully traceable and more.

Key Market AreasPharmachem is a leading global contract manufacturer and supplier of high-quality specialty ingredients and custom blends. The company also provides advanced ingredient processing services to the nutrition, personal care and pet food industries.

Major Products/Service OfferingsPharmachem takes ordinary ingredients and makes them extraordinary. From standard drum-to-hopper to complex custom blends, its value-added ingredients provide the elements your company needs to produce successful products.

Pharmachem LaboratoriesA custom approach is the cornerstone of the company. Pharmachem can manipulate the physical properties of a client’s ingredient while maintaining desired taste, flavor and nutrition profiles—and, at the same time, ensure the client will have the necessary third-party and clean-label declarations.

Pharmachem provides a broad range of specialty ingredients, including standardized botanical extracts, herbal powders, pre- and probiotics, amino acids and important minerals especially suited to nutraceuticals.

Its specialty products for the dietary supplement, sports nutrition and cosmetic industries are well known throughout the marketplace. Pharmachem is a major supplier of diverse calcium ingredients, including non-GMO IP calcium carbonate, oyster shell calcium, MCHA calcium, calcium gluconate, dairy calcium, chelated and organically bound calcium. Pharmachem’s proprietary specialty ingredient portfolio includes: • Celadrin (joint support) • Cran-Max (women’s health/UTI support) • Lactium (mood/anxiety/stress/sleep support) • Phase 2 Carb Controller (weight and glucose support) • Prenulin (blood sugar support) • Probiotical (probiotics) Process Services • Custom extraction • Fractionation • Fermentation • Drying • Liquid-to-powder conversion • Granulation • Agglomeration • Blending • Nutrient fortification • Ready-to-drink powders • Beverage processing and packaging

What’s New?Pharmachem sponsored a consumer survey carried out by Customer Experience Partners to accomplish two objectives: to support partner brand marketers with current data and to teach consumers how to spot excessive carbohydrates in their daily diets.

In the survey, 1,200 people were asked how likely various types of foods contributed to weight gain; the highest percentage of responses was sugars and fats, with starches only coming in third.

In addition, while respondents felt starches only represented 23% of their daily diet, the survey showed that 83% consumed a starchy food like bread within the most recent 48-hour period; 65% snacked on crackers, chips or pretzels; and nearly 60% ate potatoes in some form.

While 40% of the respondents described themselves as “somewhat” or “substantially” overweight, this group wants to lose weight with 56% having tried a weight-loss program, and 89% who regularly take a weight loss aid.

Further, Pharmachem invested in a viable alternative delivery system for its signature relaxation/stress support ingredient, Lactium. Lactium Honey Drops are individually wrapped, organic honey, hard-candy that delivers 150 mg of Lactium, a proprietary casein decapeptide. Lactium Honey Drops can be consumed any time during the day or night without causing drowsiness.

Pharmachem Laboratories Inc.Pharmachem Laboratories265 Harrison Ave. Kearny, NJ 07032 Tel.: (800)526-0609 Fax: (201)246-8105 Twitter: @PharmachemLabs Facebook/Pharmachem-Laboratories-Inc194343080583125 Year Founded: 1979

Key PersonnelMitch Skop, Director of New Product Development Paul Borrell, Vice President of Sales

Published in WholeFoods Magazine July 2016