San Clemente, CA—A new documentary, premiering on Earth Day, will give an inside look into how large corporations affect climate change, with the hope of inspiring consumers to shop smarter.

Directed by Richard Yelland,Seeding Changetakes a look at mission-based businesses that are working to fight poverty through Fair Trade job creation, protect the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest, and regenerate topsoil through agriculture, according to a press release. By making the choice to buy from socially responsible businesses, consumers can send a message that it’s time for environmental, social, and economic change.

"Making this film led me on an incredible journey over four years, documenting every step these companies are taking to not only minimize the effects of climate change, but also improve human life around the world," Yelland said in the press release. "You can't truly understand the milestones a mission-based business is making until you see it first-hand."

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RoCo Films, a documentary distributor, will helpSeeding Changeenter university curriculums. The documentary will also be distributed through a partnership with Net Impact, a nonprofit for students interested in socially responsible businesses, to create a mentorship program for its 200k+ members.

"As a mission-driven documentary distribution company, we believe we can make an impact in the way businesses are conceived and operated in the future, by reaching business students now,” said Annie Roney, Founder of RoCo Films. “The combination of brands involved with this effort, storytelling and our relationships with universities will give rise to invaluable learning.”

People featured in the film include:"Our hopes in creatingSeeding Change were to educate consumers about how their purchases directly affect the planet we live on,” said Jeremy Black, Co-founder of Sambazon. “Through this film, and with the help of our partners, we are asking them to find companies that are working towards a more sustainable way of life.”