Dummerston, VT—For The Biomeis partnering withOm Mushroom Superfoodto create natural, mushroom based skincare products, according to a press release.

For The Biome, launched by Paul Schulick (founder of the nutritional supplement company New Chapter), will focus on nourishing the skin using advanced methodologies, including dual-stage fermentation, which, according to Schulick, generates bioavailable, nutrient-rich compounds.

According to the press release, For The Biome has begun to confirm in their own research that their formulations incorporating Om’s mushrooms show potential benefits for cellular antioxidant protection, reduced free radical production by inflammatory cells, and support of mitochondrial membrane potential.

“For decades I’ve respected the wisdom of mushrooms for their therapeutic value as potent, health-promoting superfoods," Schulick said in the release. "For this reason, I expressly chose Om to be our partner. They’re known for developing the purest, most efficacious products—all 100% certified organic, and grown in the United States.”

Sandra Carter, M.A., M.P.H., Ph.D., co-founder of Om Mushroom Superfood, said in the release: “I’m delighted to collaborate with Paul Schulick. Supplying our organic mushrooms to For The Biome for their unique topical formulas will expand our mission of health with this superfood kingdom. I encourage you to try the benefits of Om Mushrooms and enjoy a new level of vibrancy and wellness.”

For The Biome will release their flagship products in the summer of 2019, including Adapt Essence Spray and Invigorate Powder Mask, featuring a blend of reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, maitake, and king trumpet mushrooms sourced from Om Mushroom Superfood.