Brattleboro, VT—For The Biome announced a partnership with microalgae innovator Algatech,according to a press release,in which For The Biome will be the “first to launch” position for new products for topical applications.

Paul Schulick, founder of both For The Biome and New Chapter, said in the release, “Our next venture with Algatech will bring unimagined innovations to the field of beauty and natural skincare. The skin is the body’s largest organ and functions as its ‘third brain’ as an extension of the human microbiome. Beauty is truly an expression of deep cellular health, as well as harmony with the expansive hologenome, whose ebb and flow nourishes us all.”

The release noted that Schulick led innovation and formulation of the 60+ products in the New Chapter line according to his principles, which respect “nature’s wisdom and herbal synergy.” Over the past few months, the release says, he has been collaborating with top influencers in fermentation, mushroom science, and supercritical extraction to explore future innovations for topical beauty products.

Hagai Stadler, CEO of Algatech, said in the release, “Algatech is proud to collaborate with For The Biome on topical applications in order to bring the benefits of microalgae to the world. This partnership will provide new and innovative solutions for the skin, starting with AstaPure Astaxanthin, a premium natural astaxanthin.”