Valley Cottage, NY--Sales of probiotic yogurt approached$20 billionin 2018, and a newresearch intelligence reportfrom Future Market Insights (FMI) predicts 6.86% CAGR over 2019-2029. Spoonable probiotic yogurt continues to attract more than 75% of total revenues.

Factors driving market growth and shaping the market, according to the report:

Health benefits appeal to health-conscious consumers: Probiotics help improve the microflora of the gut to support healthy digestion, plus probiotic yogurt is linked to increasing bone density, reducing risk of type-2 diabetes, improving the immune response, reducing bad cholesterol, helping to maintain blood pressure and more, according to the report. These benefits are anticipated to increase its demand during the forecast period.

The preference for convenience: Busier lifestyles up the appeal of easy-to-eat products that deliver health benefits.

The rise in vegetarianism: Increasing awareness about the presence of hormones and chemicals in animal-based foods and rise in animal concerns is expected to lead to an increase in the consumption of plant-based products and serve as a driver for plant-based probiotic yogurt.

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