Wilmington, DE—Ashland has launched organic titanium dioxide-free coatings, an organic binder, and a one-step multi-functional binder-disintegrant, which will all be showcased at SupplySide West, according to their press release.

The Aquarius film coating and NutraPress tablet binder are made with organic, non-allergenic, label-friendly ingredients. The coating is an aqueous-based alternative to animal-derived, shellac-based systems. It provides “exceptional gloss and improved slip for packaging while preventing dusting.” Their proprietary process for the binder ensures good binding performance, powder flow and disintegration.

Their Aquarius Nutra TF titanium dioxide-free, pigmented tablet coatings demonstrate good brightness comparable to traditional white film coatings. They are fully formulated and provide immediate release.

Their Klucel Nutra PLUS is intended to simplify the direct compression of tablets. Its improved powder flow ensures consistent performance during commercial scale manufacturing, refines usability, and may reduce operating costs.

In addition, Ashland intends to highlight four other consumer-focused initiatives during the trade show: Aloe Vera vitamin water, a prebiotic and probiotic sprinkle pack, an apple cider vinegar shrub drink, and a vitamin-fortified pre-mix protein bar. Between the four, the products will showcase Ashland’s powder pre-mixes, micro-encapsulated probiotics, drum-to-hopper capabilities, and their Aqualon CMC products, which build back mouthfeel for sugar-reduced beverages.