Cleveland, OH —Ganeden, a manufacturer of probiotic ingredients, received from Health Canada a no objection letter that allows companies fortifying products with GanedenBC3 to make new gut flora wording on packaging as well as general health claims allowed in the country’s probiotic monograph.

“Canada has become a strong market for probiotic fortification in foods and beverages, and we are dedicated to advancing regulatory approvals and probiotic language both there and internationally,” said Dr. David Keller, vice president of scientific operations for Ganeden. “Our goal as a leader in the space is to make it as easy as possible for food and beverage manufacturers to fortify with a high-quality probiotic ingredient, and to also provide direction on probiotic-related health claims and educational content.”

With the new approval, Ganeden and many other food and beverage companies can educate their consumers about the health benefits of their products. Ganeden’s probiotic  strain GanedenBC30, for example, has been backed by studies to have the ability to survive most manufacturing processes, three years of shelf life and even in the gastric transit, but only those with a low pH of stomach acid.

With the new approval, Ganeden plans to continue expanding and partnering in the Canadian market by launching new probiotic products that are currently being developed.

Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 8/17/2017