Gentile Packaging MachineryandXela Pack, based in Saline, MI, are celebrating 50 and 30 years of business, respectively. Gentile Packaging Machinery (GPM) was established in 1967 by Al Gentile in Detroit, MI where he built custom packaging machinery for pharmaceutical, food, HABA, and other product markets. In 1978, GPM moved to Bridgewater, MI, where it expanded capabilities and production as well as moved into new markets. This included adding contract packaging services, which opened up new possibilities for the company. Seeing an upswing in environmental awareness, GenPack USA was formed in 1987, with the purpose of producing environmentally conscious packaging, now known as the Xela Pack. GenPack USA become Xela Pack, Inc., in 1994. The two companies have a natural synergy. With Gentile Packaging Machinery available on sight to maintain and improve the Xela Pack machines, the company has found ways to be versatile and malleable to customer needs and continuing to expand into new product markets and producing custom machinery. Today, Al and his wife Cathy still actively run the companies, while all three of their adult children maintain management positions for the companies. This year is currently shaping up to be one of Xela Pack’s largest production years ever, with 2018 expected to be its best year of production to date.