Irvine, CA—The four-year partnership between supplement maker NeoCell and the Vitamin Angels non-profit has reached a huge milestone, having raised enough money to help more than 1,200,000 children around the world.

Each fall, NeoCell makes a donation to Vitamin Angels for each product shipped from October to December, a program that has currently raised more than $320,000. Vitamin Angels provides children in over 50 countries with vitamin A, one of five micronutrients that play an essential role in growth and development. The non-profit also gives children’s multivitamins, deworming treatments, and prenatal vitamins to those in need. In addition to the donation program, NeoCell also supported these efforts by creating special necktags that promote Vitamin Angels, as well as raising money on Giving Tuesday and using the #givingisbeautiful hashtag on social media to garner support and donations.

President and founder of Vitamin Angels Howard Schiffer remarked that "Our friends at NeoCell truly understand that 'Giving is Beautiful.’ Their passion for our cause and the enthusiasm with which they give is remarkable." Jessica Mulligan, vice president of sales and marketing at NeoCell, said that she considered it a privilege to work with Vitamin Angels, and "being able to help more than a million children lead healthier, better lives is something that everyone at NeoCell is very proud of." NeoCell will continue their partnership in 2015.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, May 2015(online 3/31/15)