What’s Selling is our monthly look at what our retailers are saying is selling best in their stores. This month, we’ve compiled our data since April to see what consumers are drawn to this quarter.

In Food, Gluten-free foods such as breads and pastas are still popular, but another product is getting a lot of attention from consumers: healthy cooking oils. Coconut oil is the standout, but this interest is spinning over into other options like extra-virgin olive oil and macadamia oil. In Supplements, the interest in curcumin carried over from last quarter, but Vitamin D3s and Omega-3s (both in capsules and from fish oils) have also made a strong showing.

Looking at the HABA category, our lists note a surge of interest in facial care products and soaps from customers wanting to look good. Lip balm was also popular this quarter. In Beverages, kombucha and coconut water are still dominant in nearly every region, but natural soft drinks are also becoming a popular choice for people looking for refreshment.      

The biggest Up and Coming trend for this quarter is natural snack foods, including chips, crackers, and cookies, giving a variety of healthy options for the consumer on the go or just looking to satisfy a craving. Rose seed oil is also beginning to gain traction with shoppers.

For regional trends, the Midwest is looking for healthy cooking oils for their recipes and essential oils for their body. The Southwest is favoring protein supplements, while the West is looking for skincare products as the weather begins to get sunnier. The Southeast is showing a lot of interest in kombucha drinks and gluten free breads to create the healthiest meals possible. In the Northeast, favorites include fish oils and healthy oats, while multivitamins and natural drinks are popular in the Northwest.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, June 2013