Each month, we survey retailers nationwide to see what’s selling in their stores. This month, we’ve analyzed the July–September data to reveal the popular trends this quarter.

Gluten-free products like breads and pizza continue to dominate the Foods category in every region. Other top sellers this quarter include natural, healthy snacks like chips made from plantains, chia and black beans, as well as coconut oils and sugars.

Trends in Beverages have not shifted, leaving coconut water, kombucha and natural, zero-calorie sodas (number one flavor? Root beer!) at the top of every region’s shopping list.

Though a wide range of popular Supplements were reported, omega-3s and other immune-support products, such as curcumin, were big sellers nationwide. Healthy weight-loss support in the forms of raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract continues to sell well, and anti-aging vitamins round out the top-selling supplements this quarter.

Top-sellers in HBC reflect the time of year with sunscreens, soothing aloe products and anti-aging skin moisturizers flying off the shelves while customers got ready for some fun in the sun. Organic and energizing shampoos, castile soaps and lavender oils continue to be popular nationwide.

Keep your eye out for some new trends emerging, like low-calorie weight-loss protein powders, vegan meat-substitute products like sausage and jerky, and snack bars made from grass-fed bison. Supplements like magnesium oil and ashwagandha, a natural root that supports energy and vitality, are also on the rise.

When it comes to regional trends, the Southeast sells the widest variety of gluten-free products, along with foods that fit into a paleo lifestyle. Northeast stores should be stocked with all kinds of oils (such as coconut and oregano), and be sure your supplement shelves include chaga mushroom. The Midwest is trying to relax this quarter with sales of mellowing teas and stress care supplements on the rise. Foods for low-carb dieters are big in the Northwest, along with HBC products for aching muscles and joints. The West is buying moisturizers, hair strengtheners, chocolate-covered fruit and chia seeds, while just below them the Southwest reported high sales of weight-loss support powders and snacks, as well as omega-3s.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2013