Gainesville, FL—Data collected in November/December 2009 by resveratrol supplement maker ReserveAge Organics, based here, offer some illuminating insight into consumers’ attitudes with respect to this popular herb.

Some 180 adults (55% of whom were supplement users) filled out a questionnaire about their knowledge of resveratrol. Although 26% had heard of resveratrol and 20% currently take or previously took the herb, many were unaware of all its specific health benefits. Respondents were most aware that resveratrol promotes healthy aging (25%), supports heart health (19%) and activates the SIRT1 longevity gene (17%). But, far less knew that it also supports anti-inflammation, healthy glucose levels and cognitive health (6%, 6%, 9%, respectively). One reason for this finding, says Jennifer Eastman, public relations specialist for ReserveAge Organics, could be that individuals need more education about all aspects of this supplement. “It also has a lot to do with the amount of research that has been done on resveratrol benefits. Certain areas, like heart health, have a lot of science behind them that has been known for longer,” she says, adding that resveratrol’s positive link to the French Paradox has gotten a lot of playing time in the media. As for research regarding diabetes and other important health benefits, “the science is a bit newer, so it’s not as well known,” she states.

Eastman adds that much human research is currently underway on resveratrol that could help consumers better understand the broad benefits of this supplement.


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, March 2010