Chicago, IL—Verdant Nature, LLC, a vertically integrated producer of hemp oils, has announced their partnership with CReDO Science, which will consult on the development of proprietary, high-quality hemp-derived formulations for companies positioning their products in the cannabidiol (CBD) category, according to a press release.

CReDO Science is headed by Ethan Russo, M.D., a board-certified neurologist who has written over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and seven books on cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. He has served as the medical monitor and study physician for 23 clinical trials for cannabis-based pharmaceuticals.

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“Having Dr. Russo work with Verdant Nature R&D catapults our ability to support our clients in crafting distinctive endocannabinoid system support products,” said Carl Germano, CNS, CDN, VP of Verdant Nature, in the press release. “Dr. Russo’s impeccable credentials and expertise in cannabinoid medicine will provide the guidance needed to help our clients stand out among the single magic bullet CBD products pervading the marketplace.”

Dr. Russo added: “Verdant Nature shares our philosophy that consumers deserve to have confidence when purchasing CBD products that the formulations will be based on the best available science, organically grown, standardized, shelf-stable and produced with good manufacturing practices. In a setting today where the market is flooded with CBD and other products of dubious origin and composition, Verdant stands out as a beacon of quality and leads the global hemp industry by producing versatile best in class hemp oil products which meet the highest standards and practices in every aspect of hemp production.”