Burlington, NJ—AstaReal has been granted a new patent relevant to personalized nutrition applications of the company’s astaxanthin, according to a press release.

The patent highlights research in which AstaReal Astaxanthin was able to lower rates of muscle atrophy in response to muscle denervation and nerve injury, by shifting gene expression profiles to favor the maintenance of healthy muscle mass. This patent “paves the way” for the ingredient’s application in personalized nutrition products aimed at maintaining mobility and healthy muscles, the press release states.

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"This is an exciting new path for AstaReal Astaxanthin, addressing the growing contribution of nutrigenomics to the supplement and functional foods market,” commented AstaReal USA CEO Arun Nair.

“The demand for customized nutrition is on the rise,” added Scientific Affairs Manager Dr. Karen Hecht, “and this AstaReal Astaxanthin patent represents an opportunity to engage in the growing consumer awareness of science-based supplements and their role in tailored nutritional solutions."