Landing, NJ—Curcugen, DolCas Biotech’s water-dispersible curcuminoid complex, has received self-affirmed GRAS status, according to a press release.

The designation was unanimously granted by an independent panel of scientific experts and based on scientific procedures. The panel concluded that Curcugen meets FDA’s definition of safety when used as an ingredient in food and beverage products at levels of 40-60mg per serving, with an Acceptable Daily Intake of 210mg and an upper limit of 1,400mg/day. The press release notes that this conclusion was drawn from a battery of toxicological studies performed using Curcugen.

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“With the new Self-GRAS status in place, we can continue studying the brand and broaden its integration into beverages, food and confectionary, and expand its application to additional categories, including sports nutrition and general wellbeing,” stated K.G. Rao, CEO & President of DolCas Biotech, in the press release.