Guelph, Ontario—Bionap has achieved self-affirmed GRAS status for its Cognigrape grape extract, according to a press release. The company worked with GRAS Associates, a subsidiary of Nutrasource, to prepare a comprehensive GRAS dossier which included a scientific and safety review and analysis to prove safety of Cognigrape for use as a source of dietary polyphenols and/or as an antioxidant to preserve food in fruit and vegetable juices, fruit-flavored beverages, frozen dairy desserts, and more.

"We're very pleased that COGNIGRAPE has now achieved self-GRAS status,” said Andrea Bonina, Managing Director, BIONAP S.r.l., in the press release “It represents BIONAP's continued investment in its branded ingredients with safety and clinical support. COGNIGRAPE now offers both dietary supplement and food manufacturers an ingredient focused on 'cognitive wellness' for brain health and improving mood."

Cognigrape is clinically shown to improve cognitive function in areas of attention, language, immediate and delayed memory, and mood in healthy older adults.

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Amy Mozingo, Vice President of US Nutra Regulatory Sciences, Nutrasource/GRAS Associates, adds: “Our team was pleased to work with BIONAP in obtaining this independent GRAS conclusion which was reviewed by a balanced panel of experts, qualified by scientific training and experience to evaluate safety. The panel of experts unanimously agreed with the GRAS conclusion for COGNIGRAPE under the conditions of its intended use.”

GRAS Associates assists supplement and food ingredient companies with full regulatory scientific services from concept to claim, including regulatory guidance, program development, establishing safety, claims substantiation, and technical label review.

Bonina concluded: “"Nutrasource/GRAS Associates provided significant expertise and was instrumental in helping BIONAP achieve self-GRAS status from the initial needs assessment to coordination of the independent GRAS expert panel.”