Parsippany, NJ—Nearly half (47%) of mothers worldwide say their top priority at mealtime is nutrition, according to a new survey fromDSM.

The survey was conducted online, and respondents included more than 7,400 mothers of children aged 4 to 12 across 12 countries. The survey was intended to gather information about attitudes, usage patterns, and drivers of consumption for nutritionally fortified products, while also asking parents about key health interests, according to the release. The top three interests globally were:
  1. a healthy immune system
  2. diet
  3. sleep patterns
By region, Western markets prioritized healthy teeth and bones, while Asian countries valued cognitive development.

The press release notes that this is an opportunity for food, beverage, and dietary supplement brand owners to develop nutritional solutions tailored to consumer preferences. Nutrition was a higher mealtime priority than both boosting the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed and introducing new foods, and 39% of children were considered by their parents to be picky eaters. Parents are looking for innovative ways to ensure their children receive proper nutrition.

Laura King, global early life nutrition segment manager at DSM Human Nutrition and Health, said in the release: “The findings not only highlight the vast range of health priorities worldwide but also provide significant insight into how the nutritional preferences of kids vary from country to country, emphasizing the importance of targeted solutions tailored to specific nutritional demands and desires.”

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