Lille, France—Gnosis by Lesaffre announced its acquisition of NattoPharma, supplier of MenaQ7 solutions. According to a press release, the acquisition allows Gnosis by Lesaffre, which supplies vitaMK7, to offer to a complete portfolio of vitamin K2 solutions, adapted to each market need and to satisfy all customers.

NattoPharma will join the Lesaffre Group, with teams of both companies working together. The acquisition expands the two companies' capabilities, global reach, and potential for future innovation, as they will collaborate to leverage combined capabilities between their teams in key areas, according to the release.

“Vitamin K2 impacts every part of our lives,” said Gnosis by Lesaffre General Manager Marc Philouze in the release. “From our joints to our arteries all the way down to our cells, vitamin K2 is essential for the function of several calcium-binding proteins that empower us to thrive as human beings. We’re proud to help satiate the global demand for this key ingredient by joining efforts with NattoPharma.”

NattoPharma CEO Kjetil Ramsoy added, “I am proud of the entrepreneurial journey accomplished by the NattoPharma team to build the vitamin K2 market and supporting science over the past decade. Lesaffre is recognized as a worldwide key player in the fermentation industry, leveraging innovation and industrial platforms to produce fermentation products; this, paired with NattoPharma’s expertise on the various forms of vitamin K2, makes us confident that we together will accelerate research and further explore K2 benefits as the true global leader in vitamin K2 with a full range of products meeting all customer needs.”
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Gnosis by Lesaffre reported that more details about the strategic growth of the vitamin K2 market will be shared over the coming months as the acquisition is finalized.