Boulder, CO--September 2018 has been set as the first annualNational Palm Done Right Month, bringing together consumers, manufacturers and retailers for the initiative.

The educational platform Palm Done Right™ (PDR)has a goal to change how palm oil is produced and the conversation around this topic. The choices manufacturers and consumers make can help drive more responsible practices in the conventional palm industry and grow the market for sustainably and organically sourced palm oil, helping to support smaller-scale producers.

“Retailers play a key role in the natural products industry as gatekeepers to a pathway for their customers who want to improve their lives through healthy food and lifestyle choices and gain a better understanding of where their food is coming from. Through their support as Palm Done Right partners, we will broaden our message and help highlight the brands that use responsible palm oil in their products,” says Neil Blomquist, organic industry pioneer and spokesperson for Palm Done Right.

A press release stated that during the month of September, participating retailers will feature in-store and online promotion of products that use Palm Done Right sustainable palm oil and will have access to training materials and marketing tools such as informational brochures and shelf-talkers. Retailer partners are encouraged to become active voices in the cause and share stories, photos, and information in newsletters and through social media.

Retailers that sell natural and organic products can sign up as PDR partners by visiting