Is there a retailer who you believe goes above and beyond in the natural and organic industry? If so, nominate their store to be 2018 WholeFoods MagazineRetailer of the Year!

To submit your nomination, please include the following in an email to our editor Laurie Petersen atlauriepetersen@wfcinc.comPlease include the word NOMINATION in your subject line so we are sure to see it.

Be sure to include:

1- Name of nominator (will be anonymous)

2- Nominator’s affiliation/company name

3- Nominator’s phone number

4- Name of retailer you are nominating, and why they deserve to win

5- Please try to also include location and contact information for the retailer.

Deadline for submitting a nomination is April 11.The winner's story will be featured in our July issue. Thanks for voting!

Last year's winner wasDean's Natural Food Market.