Raleigh, NC -North Carolina’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program is one step closer to fruition.

Last week, Bob Crumley, CEO and president of Founders Hemp and chairman of the board for the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association (NCIHA), Marty Clemons, president of the NCIHA, Gary Sikes, president of Bio-Regen, and Blake Butler, president of HempX, briefed the NC Agriculture and Forestry Awareness Study Commission on the status of the state’s program.

The briefing elicited strong interest and questioning, according to astatementissued by the commission.

In particular, it piqued interest among legislative members,  and sparked considerations of some type of funding package for the industrial hemp industry, a rapidly expanding crop in the state.

As a result, the NCIHA, Bio-Regen Co-Operative and HempX will be working together to come up with a proposal that could meet legislative approval in the near future.

The next public meeting on the subject will be held on May 3 via teleconference at thisweb site.