SPRING, Texas— Trust Transparency Consulting announced that Sabinsa Corp. has become a founding board member of the Global Curcumin Association (GCA), established through Trust Transparency’s incubator program of single ingredient trade associations.

Sabinsa is a global ingredient supplier with a broad scientific and intellectual property platform to support its products, including Curcumin C3 Complex®, C3Reduct, and Uc3 Clear.

“With Sabinsa’s leadership role in advocating best practices, their decision to be a founding board member of GCA validates our conviction that visionary companies see value in banding together with like minded businesses to promote and protect a significant category,” said Trust Transparency co-managing partner Len Monheit. “We are eager to begin executing the programs we have developed to support the rapidly growing curcumin category, even as we build out the rest of the membership with other companies committed to solid science, adherence to intellectual property law and quality systems.”

As part of Trust Transparency’s single ingredient trade association incubator program, the GCA will work to establish a best practice recognized third-party baseline for ingredient quality, identity and appropriate category definitions and standards. The association will also serve as a voice and supporter of science and education through all supply chain levels and customer, consumer and influencer communities.

“Sabinsa has worked very hard to promote and protect the integrity of the curcumin market from adulteration and IP infringement, while fostering research and promoting benefits and can thus attest to the efforts it requires,” said Shaheen Majeed, President, Sabinsa Worldwide, in a statement. “When presented with the opportunity to work together with other legitimate curcumin suppliers to protect the market, the decision was easy. We are very proud to be the initial founding board member of the Global Curcumin Association, and intend to be active participants in the association becoming a proactive category voice.”