Salt Lake City, UTThe United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), an international trade association representing more than one hundred health product companies, announced that Applied Food Sciences (AFS), based in Austin, TX, is  its newest executive member.

AFS is an innovative ingredient supplier that specializes in the research and development of botanical extracts for food, beverage, and supplements. It seeks to provide water soluble, naturally sourced, non-GMO and GRAS ingredients in a manner that is sustainable, traceable, and socially responsible. AFS got its start in cancer prevention research and drug discovery, and the executive team members specialize in the related industries of food, pharma, and nutrition. Loren Israelsen, UNPA president, said in a press release, “Loretta Zapp, AFS CEO, is a long-time industry veteran, who has led a number of important quality initiatives related to enhanced analytical capabilities. We welcome Loretta, Alan Andrews and the entire AFS team to UNPA. We’ll certainly utilize their deep expertise to help us move important quality-related projects forward.”

AFS joins 4Life Research LLC, Arizona Nutritional Supplements, BDS Natural Products, and other leading companies as an executive member.UNPA as a whole is dedicated to providing consumers with natural health products of superior quality, benefit, and reliability, and is committed to education and quality assurance issues through ongoing legislation.

“AFS easily resonates with the mission of UNPA and is excited to be a part of the impressive group of UNPA companies and individuals. AFS strongly believes in the values demonstrated by UNPA, especially with regard to its commitment to providing consumers with quality and reliability in natural health products. We look forward to joining UNPA’s continued commitment to making a positive difference in the dietary supplement industry," Zapp said.