Santa Barbara, CA—The Vitamin Angels charity has announced its Motherhood is Global campaign, designed to show the universal experience of motherhood around the globe.Running from April 22nd to Mother’s Day, May 10th., this campaign will consist of a series of photo blogs featuring mothers from many different countries to promote Vitamin Angels’ message of supporting maternal and child health through supplementation and education. Stories and other content will also be posted on the charity’s Facebook and Twitter throughout the campaign as well.

Sarah Gasca, digital marketing manager for Vitamin Angels, explains that “while the day-to-day realities of motherhood can vary drastically from Guatemala to Malawi or Michigan, we know that every mom, no matter where she lives, can relate to certain universal aspects of motherhood.” She adds that Vitamin Angels is very excited to show both common and unique aspects of the lives of mothers around the world.

Posted 4/28/2015