Berkeley, CA—The baby and child food company Once Upon a Farm has become the first brand to receive the 1,000 Day Promise Certification, with their new line of Advanced Nutrition Blends for babies.

The non-profit Clean Label Project designed the program, basing it off of elements of European regulations for contaminants and residues in baby food, and incorporating regulations set forth by the State of California regarding packaging chemicals. The certification also requires products to meet nutritional standards, including no added sugar, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and the inclusion of at least 1/4 serving of vegetables.

The first 1,000 days of a baby's life are critical to long-term health and wellness, According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The press release notes that the first 1,000 days are when optimum brain and immune system development occurs, making the baby's first foods vital for the child's development.

"The Congressional investigation into heavy metals in baby food was a welcomed wake-up call,” said Jaclyn Bowen, Executive Director of The Clean Label Project. “When it comes to vulnerable populations, caregivers, parents, and now regulators are demanding better from brands. While the regulatory reform wheels are in motion, parents and caregivers need options now like Once Upon a Farm who continue to innovate and provide nutritious snacks and meals for all.”

The Advance Nutrition Blends contain fruits and vegetables formulated with key micro and macronutrients needed in a babies first year diet. According to the release, all recipes feature a specific ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, and offer 20% or more of a baby's recommended daily values for B12 and zinc, and 10% of a baby's recommended daily value of iron.

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“The baby food industry has been stagnant for so long, and parents for years became accustomed to compromise with retail choices of yesterday," said Jennifer Garner, Cofounder and Chief Brand Officer of Once Upon a Farm. "Once Upon a Farm is proud to continue to disrupt and lead in this category and to act as champions for industry wide change."

All of the baby pouch products made by Once Upon a Farm are also Clean Label Project verified.

“Our company was the first to bring fresh baby food to retail; we have always stood for full transparency; we will continue to lead as advocates for better food standards, as we work to make good on our promise: to raise the bar for all families by offering the cleanest, most nutritious and delicious fresh baby food, period, ” Garner stated.