Naperville, IL—KeHE Distributors started its virtual 2021 Summer Show, which will continue through February 5, 2021. Specialty, natural & organic, and fresh products will be featured at the virtual show by over 550 exhibitors across all product categories.

“We’re thrilled to continue the success of our virtual shows with our Summer Show,” said Brandon Barnholt, President and CEO, KeHE. “Our customers have continuously counted on this show to stock their shelves with the best brands, both new and established. It’s also great to see our suppliers developing the same important connections with our retail partners through our virtual platform that they would during an in-person show.”

KeHE is also celebrating its commitment to innovation with its On Trend Awards. After reviewing over 100 brand submissions for innovation, purpose, ingredients, and salability, KeHE selected the following 17 On Trend winners:

The 2021 KeHE Summer Show is exclusive to current registered KeHE suppliers and retailers. To learn more about KeHE's trade shows, visit

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