Phoenix, AZ—In a 2,000 person study targeting 2021 eating goals,Sprouts Farmers Market andOne Pollfound that 54% of Americans are likely to embrace flexitarian diets, reducing meat consumption. Results showed a number of reasons for such interest ranging from health, immunity, environment to simply "feeling better".

“The interest in plant-based foods and a flexitarian diet is evident,” said Jack Sinclair, Sprouts Chief Executive Officer, in a press release on the topic. “Shoppers are more engaged with their food than ever and are seeking innovative and alternative products to mix up the meals they prepare for themselves and their families.”

The poll results showed clear interest, but is the trend towards plant-based and flexitarianism permanent? The poll found that 43% of people believe being a flexitarian is a permanent lifestyle change, with 58% feeling like all their nutritional needs can be met with plant-based foods. And even though the flexitarian movement is growing, there's still a good chunk of responders (36%) who weren't certain of what the definition even is before participating in the survey. Availability and understanding of plant-based options key. 59% of people would try plant-based foods if they were easier to find at their local grocery store.

“Plant-based product sales grew exponentially last year, indicating consumers are craving innovative items to try at home,” said Sinclair. “We believe consumers will remain focused on incorporating healthy foods into their lifestyles to support immunity and overall wellbeing in 2021. This includes introducing consumers to things they never considered before.”

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11 reasons why Americans are motivated to eat healthier this year, according to poll results:
  1. I want to strengthen my immune system – 53%
  2. I want to avoid getting sick – 44%
  3. I want to optimize my body for fitness – 42%
  4. I want to lose weight – 42%
  5. I’ve eaten way too much junk food during the holidays – 41%
  6. It’s part of my New Year resolution – 36%
  7. My spouse/partner wants to lose weight together – 32%
  8. I want to try something new – 26%
  9. I want my body to perform tasks better – 24%
  10. I want to feel up-to-date – 19%
  11. I want to eat more sustainably for the planet – 12%
For more information, readers can view aninfographic and videoof the survey findings.