Chicago, IL—The American Nutrition Association (ANA) has launched the Nutritional Genomics Training & Certification program, according to a press release. It is approved for Continuing Medical Education credits.

The program trains healthcare professionals to be able to personalize nutrition interventions using nutritional genomics, the press release explains. Clinicians will learn about genomic science, types of genetic variants, and clinical consequences. They will be able to identify clinically relevant genetic variations and form a personalized nutrition assessment and recommendations based on those variations.

Practitioners who complete the program and pass the exam earn the gold-standardCertified Nutritional Genomics SpecialistSM (CNGSSM) credential.

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"Personalized nutrition is now front and center; it's not just a passing fad,” said Ahmed El-Sohemy, Ph.D., ANA faculty and Scientific Advisory Council member; University of Toronto, Professor, Nutrition Sciences. “It's important for nutrition professionals to become aware of the advances and understand the benefits of nutritional genomics. ANA’s training program takes a big step in accomplishing this."

“At ANA, we believe that nutrition belongs at the core of health care—and thatpersonalizednutrition most powerfully taps our health potential,” added ANA CEO Michael Stroka. “Our Nutritional Genomics Training & Certification program trains nutrition practitioners in the complex interactions between food and the genome to support targeted personalized nutrition interventions and optimal health.”

The press release noted that the ANA thanks Thorne and Onegevity for their educational grant, which made the program possible.

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