A research project is underway to assess the potential for alternatives to antibiotic treatments for fire blight disease, which afflicts apple and pear orchards. Funded by The Organic Center, the project will be published as a report written for farmers and will review methods for controlling fire blight holistically. The need for this information is critical, as many organic farmers are projected to switch to conventional in 2014, when organic regulations will forbid the use of oxytetracycline to combat the disease in certified organic orchards.

Marley Coffee is consolidating its sales, design and marketing teams and moving them to Denver, CO.  The company will also hire up to 12 new employees in sales, marketing, design, business development and HR.

Products certified by Humane Farm Animal Care under the Certified Humane program are now available for purchase in all 50 states, with the addition of Alaska. Certified Humane products are available for sale in nine out of the top 10 grocery retailers, in over 10,000 locations nationwide, and can also be found in Canada and online, according to the organization.

Marlborough, MA-based Barbara’s will soon feature Non-GMO Project Verified logos on 30 of its 37 cereals and snacks, including its cereal brand Puffins.

New England Natural Bakers, Greenfield, MA, received notice from the Non-GMO Project that selected items in its line of granola and mueslis have achieved verified status.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2013