Rhode Island Senate Bill 2613, which had called for limiting the accessibility ofcertain dietary supplements, has died with the adjournment of Rhode Island's 2022 legislative session. Supporters of the bill want “to prevent the misuse or abuse of such products” and would have required providing “a conspicuously posted notice at the purchase counter of the possible side effects of the supplements.”

Arevised versionof the bill had passed Rhode Island's State Senate on June 7. The House of Representative’s Health and Human Services Committee was to vote on the bill next. However, the committee adjourned for summer recess without voting on it. Supports would not need to resubmit the bill in the next session in 2023

Industry Actions on S.2613

"CRN is pleased to see that the Rhode Island House recognized the proposal passed by the Senate was overly burdensome and declined to consider it," said CRN President and CEO Steve Mister. "We worked closely with a coalition of retailers and other stakeholders to ensure that this draconian approach was not enacted."

AsWholeFoodsMagazine reported, the Natural Products Association (NPA) was strongly opposed to the bill. NPA cautioned that the bill would raise vitamin prices and strain retailers. The trade group acted on multiple fronts to prevent it.

NPA Raises More Concerns

In addition, NPA has sounded the alarm that several states have been working to restrict access to weight loss supplements. NPA has cautioned that these restrictions will have a negative effect on those under 18 and on small businesses. Teenagers can purchase the products online, where the products will not have been vetted by any retailer. And retailers will face the financial burden of rearranging or outright renovating to put products behind the counter.

NPA spearheaded grassroots campaigns across the country against such bills. The association urges natural products industry members to remain informed and active. Industry members can review NPA’s grassroots campaigns in its Action Center here.

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