Bloomingdale, IL–NOW announced the launch of its new national brand campaign, which emphasizes affordable products for health with its motto: “Feel good spending less with NOW." Imagery for the campaign focuses how optimal

Courtesy of NOW

health feels for consumers, rather than focusing on physical activity.

The campaign is the work of Milwaukee-based Hanson Dodge (HD), which was named NOW’s agency-of-record in February. 

“We knew that we were at a point where we needed the strategic support of an agency if we wanted to continue to increase our awareness and reach new audiences,” said Amber Cerda, NOW Director of Marketing. "It also seemed like an opportune time to do a brand refresh. We have so many good stories to tell and a huge product line, but HD helped us boil it down to something that should stick. This is a big step for NOW as we’ve never worked with an agency on this level. We’re investing more than double what we’ve spent previously on consumer advertising with this campaign.”

The campaign includes a collection of ads across platforms including social media and television, and display high-energy moments and upbeat soundtracks. Additionally, “Feel Good Now” messages will be in print magazines such as Women’s HealthandReal Simple, as well as appear digitally, and stream online. The multi-million dollar campaign aired will continue through the end of 2022.

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