Switzerland—New guidance from Switzerland’s government advises older consumers to take a vitamin D supplement daily.

The leafletexplains that vitamin D isn’t provided in a sufficient quantity via food, but is synthesized by the body through sun exposure—but that the formation of vitamin D through the skin is reduced by one-quarter as people age.

The leaflet further notes that vitamin D as part of a regimen including eating protein with every meal and doing physical activity can help maintain good, healthy muscle, and that vitamin D supports bone strength, reducing risk of falls and hip fracture, helping seniors stay independent and autonomous as long as possible.

The leaflet recommends that seniors aged 65 years and up take a dose of 800 IU daily, and that seniors go outside regularly, taking care to protect themselves from UV rays.

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The guidance was cheered by IADSA, which offers resources through itsMind the Gapinitiative exploring the benefits of optimal vitamin D intakes.

Cynthia Rousselot, IADSA’s Director of Technical & Regulatory Affairs, said: “We are pleased to see that Swiss government recognises the importance of vitamin D and the role supplementation can play in ensuring that people consume enough of this essential nutrient. IADSA will continue to engage with policy makers and other stakeholders worldwide to raise awareness of the role of supplementation in increasing levels of health and wellbeing.”