Clasado Biosciences has shared insight on the U.S. prebiotic market, stating in a press release that the company believes the market is at a “tipping point,” with conditions ripe for exponential growth as brand innovation and consumer demand align.

Clasado shared research from Global Market Insights that projects that the U.S. prebiotic market will surpass $9.5 billion by 2027.

Doug King, Senior Sales Manager North America at Clasado, commented: “Prebiotics are seeing strong traction around the globe, but there is particularly significant potential in North America. The U.S. market has typically been highly influenced by lifestyle trends and a demand for products with scientific backing. Like patterns seen across Europe, consumers in the US are becoming acutely aware of how they can proactively influence their own health. More than ever, they are actively seeking knowledge around health and nutrition, which naturally leads to a focus on gut health.

“Consumers in the U.S. are looking for health-supporting products that fit easily into everyday routines. For many, this means seeking out improved nutritional profiles from the foods they already purchase every day. Brands and product developers have extremely strong potential on the table for functional foods. Prebiotics, despite their impressive growth, are still relatively new as a standalone ingredient. Being first to market is an incredibly powerful commercial advantage and with prebiotics included as part of new product development, there’s a great deal of opportunity available in areas such as baked goods, snacks and cereals.”

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Clasado manufactures Bimuno, a GOS ingredient available to brands in the food and nutrition categories, with over 20 clinical studies backing it.

Doug concluded: “The number of new product development projects we’re working on including Bimuno are extremely encouraging. It’s the ideal time for health and nutrition brands to explore how new product launches can be made simple and effective with an ingredient that ticks every box for the consumer and formulator alike.”