Female sports nutrition has a burgeoning presence and influence in social media platforms, according to Lumina Intelligence—but only 2.5% of sports nutrition products explicitly target women in either marketing or formulation, creating a major opportunity.

On the other hand, notes a press release, it’s vital to target women without falling into gender stereotypes or misogyny: Thomas Morgan, author of the report and Lumina’s Senior Market Analyst, said in the release: “In a sports nutrition world that has rarely led the battle against gender stereotypes, products targeting women need to be sensitive to the contemporary social media-driven powder keg of gender relations and nomenclatures if they wish to succeed. Using dismissive or patronizing language such as ‘girl’ instead of ‘woman’ can be a brand buster if a social media storm gains enough momentum. Brands need to meet the honest needs of women. Social media channels like Instagram where female usage is high are vital for success.”
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The report finds that the three biggest female-focused markets are in Japan (5.9% of sports nutrition products targeting women), France (4.7%), and Australia (4.1%). However, the release notes that they often engage in a ‘pinking and shrinking’ strategy—smaller doses and packaging that many women have rejected, often with elevated pricing that, again, women reject.

Lumina’s report also focuses in on product reviews: Over a 6-month period between September 2018 and March 2019, reviews for female sports nutrition products grew 22%, compared to the 7% sector average. Countries including the UK and Germany saw 1000+% spikes on review volumes.

The sector is dominated in terms of consumer engagement by Women’s Best and Fitmiss, which capture 68% of all global reviews for female products. Other key brands include Grenade, Luna bars, Six Star, and Myprotein.

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