Irvine, CA—BGG World (BGG) and its subsidiaryAlgae Health Sciences(AHS) are growing again, with another major expansion of their 100% glass tube photobioreactor microalgae farm. This latest expansion, which is the second in the last two years, will double the current capacity of BGG’s flagshipAstaZineNatural Astaxanthin line, according to a press release. Groundbreaking for the expansion, which located approximately one kilometer from the current facility, will commence on May 1, 2022 with a one-year projected completion date. 

BGG World shared that expansion is necessitated by two factors:
    1. an increase in overall worldwide demand for astaxanthin
    2. a move by brands around the world to use AstaZine
 “The worldwide market for astaxanthin is robust, plus brands around the world are embracing our clinically validated AstaZine ingredient as the world’s most innovative and highest quality Natural Astaxanthin,” saidShaheen Majeed, CEO of BGG Americas and Algae Health Sciences, in the release. “The team, led by Peinan Zhang, BGG’s Global Product Manager for Astaxanthin, realized that this investment was the only sustainable way forward to answer the increasing demand as consumers increasingly understand the importance of usingastaxanthinfor improving human health.” 
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According to BGG, the company offered the world’s first organically certified astaxanthin product, and is the only astaxanthin brand that has two Novel Foods approvals in the EU for two different extraction methods, as well as the only astaxanthin that has an NDI in U.S. over 12mg per day (at 24mg).  The company also shared that AstaZine has demonstrated efficacy in several human clinical trials; is patented for the use of astaxanthin to support heart function during exercise; and leads the market with 289 Structure/Function claims submitted to U.S. FDA without objection.