Irvine, CA—BGG World and its subsidiary Algae Health Sciences announced the publication of a list of 1,200 studies showing health benefits for astaxanthin. BGG shared in a press release that the intent of the document is designed is to further industry knowledge (and subsequently, consumer knowledge) of the 10 clinically validated health benefits of astaxanthin, along with emerging health benefits.

Highlights of the document, as outlined in the announcement:
  • 136 human clinical trials demonstrating astaxanthin’s efficacy for (with a minimum of five human clinical trials on each of these 10 areas):
      • eye & brain health
      • skin health & “beauty from within”
      • joint and tendon health
      • applications for athletes
      • endurance & energy
      • immune system modulation
      • cardiovascular health
      • reproductive & hormonal health
      • antioxidant protection
      • anti-aging
  • Over 600 supporting pre-clinical trials in animals and in-vitro corroborating the above 10 clinically validated health benefits.
  • Approximately 300 additional studies in emerging areas of medical research including:
      • liver & kidney health
      • glucose management
      • respiratory health
      • gastrointestinal health
      • support for healthy cell lines
“This comprehensive list is truly impressive,” said Yanmei Li, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer for BGG Global, in the release. “The clinical evidence for Astaxanthin to assist in 10 distinct areas of health concerns has reached critical mass. And it’s particularly noteworthy that more than 100 publications are appearing every year on average over the last several years substantiating these health benefits and investigating new ways that astaxanthin can positively impact human health & nutrition.”

The document is available to BGG customers and non-customers. to request it.