London, England—The International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) has launched two newMind the Gap resourcesexplaining the importance of omega-3 and folic acid in maternal and infant nutrition, according to a press release.

Omega 3: The Making of Youaddresses the 1,000 days from conception to the age of two, exploring how DHA omega-3 is vital at that stage for the development of the brain and eyes. It also looks at the link between omega-3 and a reduction in the risk of pre-term birth, and outlines scientific evidence showing that DHA supplementation during pregnancy can help increase the length of gestation in women.
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Folic Acid: The Best of Both Worldsexplores the benefits of a folic acid strategy that encompasses both fortification and supplements. Consumption of folate before conception and during early pregnancy significantly lowers the risk of giving birth to a baby with an abnormality to the brain or spine. The USA has one of the lowest rates of these defects in the world, thanks to America’s approach of both fortifying foods with folic acid—ensuring that even unplanned pregnancies have the benefits of pre-conception folate intake—and recommending that women of child-bearing age consume a folic acid supplement daily.

Cynthia Rousselot, Director of Technical and Regulatory Affairs at IADSA, said: “Mind the Gap is changing the way we communicate positive stories about supplements. It provides a powerful visual tool, in both digital and physical formats, to explain the importance of supplementation in key areas of health and wellbeing. Our new omega-3 and folic acid stories complement the existing vitamin D resources, and we are already planning further topics for the Mind the Gap series.”