Hyderabad, India—ThinSol, a patent-pending delivery system from Aavishkar Oral Strips Pvt Ltd., offers unique solutions for formulators and marketers, according to the company. What sets the delivery system apart? Oral thin films (OTF) carry more actives than other common delivery system, according to the company, with less excipients or inactive substances.

Solution for Formulators 

“ThinSol OTFs provide solutions to many challenges common among supplement formulators and brand marketers,” said Aavishkar CEO Dinesh AR, in a press release. “They can help older brands refresh and spur growth, and they can increase consumer engagement for brands that feel stagnant. This is accomplished in part by our ability to source exotic and relevant flavors throughout the globe, improve bioavailability (efficacy) without compromising taste, skillful blending of complementary, synergistic ingredients into a single strip, and sourcing high-grade sustainable packaging materials.”

Meeting a Consumer Need

"ThinSol helps fill in often-overlooked needs gaps," Dinesh explained. "For example, individuals who need iron for healthy blood production often encounter uncomfortable side effects from tablets or syrups such as upset stomach and nausea." To help with this, company has microencapsulated iron in the ThinSol, which Dinesh said eliminates the gastro side effects.

In addition: “For the 45% of people worldwide who are pill averse, and for those who dislike syrups or sugary chews, oral thin films provide the perfect solution that will greatly enhance compliance. Greatly enhanced compliance improves development of consumer loyalty,” said Anusha Sane, Managing Director, Aavishkar.

Furthermore, Sane added: “ThinSol OTFs reduce the cost per daily dose and economy of scales are more efficient as retail pricing for the strips have become more attractive for consumers.” 

6 Advantages Over Other Delivery Systems

According to the press release:
  • Superior absorption. Buccal absorption of ThinSol oral thin films is immediate, the company reports.
  • Wider applicability. It gives flexibility for formulations in the oral care, nutribeauty, and nutraceutical spaces.
  • Consumer convenience: Oral films are easy to use as water is not required for consumption.
  • Economy of use: Buccal absorption technology allows for low doses with maximum efficacy, the company says.
  • Nutritional composition: Aavishkar created the products with natural ingredients and selected actives for enhanced bioavailability.
  • Stability: The compound grid consists of actives that allow for better durability and stability, according to the company. “For a household-name oral-care brand," Dinesh shared, "we first identified nine super-critical isolated ingredients that are highly bioactive and then developed an oral film format containing the formulation that can reduce the sensitivity in 20 seconds."

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