Los Angeles, CA— Vitamin Angels, the non-profit dedicated to supplying at-risk communities around the world, specifically children, with life-saving vitamins was recently featured in aCNN articlefor its efforts to expand its efforts further. Since 1994, the organization has reached 52 million children and mothers in 66 countries and relied on its own staff of 40 people to provide in-person training of local public health workers. Now, however, Vitamin Angels is utilizing USB drives to further its reach by giving others the resources to learn.

“The goal is to go from training 1,000 field health workers every year to 6,000 or more,” says Howard Schiffer, founder and president of Vitamin Angels, in the article. The organization has partnered with TorrenceLearning, an e-learning firm, with the goal of designing a course that could work on even old computers, with or without internet access. USB drives are a simple and pragmatic solution that provide this ability. The final product, an e-course on a $2-4 USB drive containing a Chromium web browser and server, allowing it to be used on any computer, cost Vitamin Angels $92,000.

Coursework focuses on educating health care workers about the dangers of vitamin deficiencies, how to safely administer liquid vitamin A capsules safely and identifying the most vulnerable population in each country. Currently, the pilot program is being run in India, Indonesia and Nigeria, with more field tests planned before a worldwide roll out in 2018.

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