We’re asking customers to share what they love about their local natural products store. This month, the spotlight shines on one shopper’s experience at Forever Young Health Food, Bronx, NY.

Dyaami D’Orazio, an herbalist-in-training from the Bronx, found Forever Young Health Food when she began her herbal apprenticeship at Sacred Vibes Apothecary in 2019. “I needed a local Bronx store where I could purchase organic and natural herbs to practice herbalism and Forever Young had many products to choose from,” D’Orazio shares. “Over the last year, Forever Young has increased my knowledge about health food products and I feel grateful to have found this place on my plant journey.”

Two sisters, Gail and Gene Bass, opened up shop in 1991. At the time, the 450-SF store was one of a handful of vitamin and health food stores in the area. The store relocated in 2014 to a larger location, but remained in the same neighborhood—an important decision fueled by Gene’s commitment to providing access to organic and natural products to the community.

In the store, D’Orazio’s favorite items are the variety of over 100 loose herbs. She also appreciates the selection of supplements.

“I love that I have been exposed to new products, like Dr.Mission’s Colon Cleanser, that have complimented my wellness journey,” D’Orazio shares. “All of the products at Forever Young make me feel that a healthy lifestyle is at my fingertips.”

Besides serving as an essential part of her herbal education, Forever Young has offered D’Orazio a bit of ease. “Forever Young is a gem because of the peacefulness one finds when entering the store. The diffuser is usually on with an essential oil which keeps me relaxed, focused, and curious.”

Most of all, D’Orazio is drawn to the steady and caring attention she receives to her questions and concerns. “Ms. Bass shares so much knowledge with her customers. It is always so beautiful to hear the stories of healing that happen when people listen to her advice and stick to a regular intake of natural remedies.”

More than just a store, Forever Young has changed D’Orazio’s life by anchoring her to the Bronx through her biggest passions: plants, health, and environmental justice. “Forever Young has opened the possibilities of accessible and natural healthcare in a borough that is often left behind or feared,” D’Orazio explains. “The Bronx has a lot to offer to its residents, and Ms. Bass does exactly that—she brings the best health food products to support her local community in an affordable and accessible way.”