We’re asking customers to share what they love about their local natural products store. This month, the spotlight shines on one shopper’s experience at Flatbush Food Co-op in Brooklyn, New York.

“Having a food co-op in neighborhoods where fresh produce and products are not always available is life changing,” says Tiffany Stuart, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Lifestyle Wellness Expert. Tiffany leads a women’s wellness coaching practice called Living Healthy With Tiffany, a podcast called What In The Wellness With Tiffany, and a lifestyle wellness blog called It’s Me, Lady G, so she’s well versed in nutrition. But as a Brooklyn resident, she said it can be challenging to find high-quality foods.

Growing up, Tiffany would pass by the store regularly, walking by it on her way to school. And after having kids of her own, the store became a go-to. “When I became a parent and much more health conscious, this co-op became my second home.”

The co-op opened in 1976, operating as the Tenth Street Co-op run by a group of 11 community-minded individuals concerned about the environment and interested in organic food. Over 40 years later, the store has 9,500 members and operates a 6,000 sq ft. building.

“I love learning about where the food I eat is grown and how it’s taken care of,” Tiffany shares. “Shopping at the co-op has increased my overall awareness of my role in the ecosystem and made me want to get involved in nature—especially in farming, which is something I never considered before the co-op.”

Tiffany says 85% of her diet is made up of plants, and she seeks out rare products when shopping at Flatbush Food Co-op. “I love the bulk foods section as they always have a great selection of grains, like Farro, which I am not able to easily find in other places. I also like their bulk spice section. The co-op makes it easier to find exotic and flavorful spices without paying too much for more than you need.”WF