Company DescriptionAt EuroPharma, our desire is to bring proven, life-changing products to health food stores across America through our Terry Naturally® nutritional supplement line. Terry Naturally brand supplements represent the very best in proven nutritional supplements; each is formulated with strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and produced with the highest quality ingredients. We provide unparalleled research, promotional materials, educational webinars, in-store trainings, and personalized support. In an era when many companies consider this to be “overhead,”we view it as integral to our mission to support our retail partners. After all, they have the same mission that we do.

Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, everything we do reflects our mission statement: Our Passion is Your Health. It’s the benchmark for every decision made to serve our customers with a true dedication and nothing short of excellence. EuroPharma’s founder and president, Terry Lemerond, is a natural health expert with more than 45 years of experience and contributions to the natural products industry. He has owned health food stores, founded dietary supplement companies and has formulated more than 400 products.

Recently, Terry made the decision to make EuroPharma an employee-owned company. He wanted to make sure that the people who helped make our company successful share in the benefits. So now when you speak to anyone at our company, whether customer service, sales, marketing, shipping, or another department, you are talking to a co-owner!

Key Market Areas• Natural Supplements • Healthy Blood Sugar & Nerve Health • Brain, Focus, & Stress Relief • Pain • Cellular Health • Thyroid Support • Hemp • Digestion • Heart & Cardiovascular Health • Bones, Joints & Tendons • Daily Energy • Immune & Respiratory • Pet Health • Women’s Health • Weight Management & Metabolism • Bladder & Urinary • Hair, Skin & Nails­ • Men’s Health

Major Products• Our Curcumin: This clinically studied ingredient, backed by extensive published studies, forms the backbone of some of our most effective, award-winning, and noted supplements, including the Curamin® and CuraMed® suite of supplements, and many others. Our Curcumin combines a high-quality curcumin extract andblends it with turmeric oil for enhanced absorption and longer blood retention time at significant levels as compared to plain curcumin.*

• Our Boswellia: This clinically studied herbal extract is a primary ingredient in many of our top supplements, including Curamin® and the BosMed™ family of products. It is uniquely standardized by reducing beta-boswellic acid and providing higher levels of AKBA to support joint, bronchial and digestive health.* In fact, our Boswellia in Terry Naturally supplements contains up to 10 times more AKBA—the most powerful compound in boswellia—than unstandardized boswellia extracts. • OurFrench Grape Seed VX1®: The many benefits of grape seed extract—cellular, cardiovascular, immune, and more—rely on one thing: oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). However, many standard grape seed extracts supply only high-molecular weight—large—tannins that are not well absorbed. French grape seed VX1 is standardized for only small-sized OPCs to better ensure absorption and consistent effects. •Sucontral D: This is a clinically studied extract of Hintonia latiflora, an herb that many people may not have heard of. Scientists have discovered a unique compound in this plant that powerfully supports healthy blood sugar balance, and has been validated by over 60 years of research.*† •AnxioCalm: This is a unique, clinically studied echinacea, EP107. Its brain-specific alkamides are able to safely bind to brain receptors that trigger feelings of calm and relaxation.*

What’s New?Hemp Oil & Hemp Oil + Curcuminfeaturing hemp that provides a full spectrum of phytonutrients to support the endocannabinoid system. Our hemp oil is CO2 extracted from non-GMO, European industrial hemp, legally sourced and cultivated following strict Ecocert practices. Choose either the stand-alone concentrated hemp, or a unique formulation of hemp oil with our highly-effective curcumin for enhanced benefits. •CuraMed® Syrup, a new form of our popular curcumin products featuring the same clinically studied Curcumin found in all of our CuraMed supplements. This unique, mild-tasting syrup is sugar-free and is a great option for those with difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules.* • A new line of animal-focused health products called,Terry Naturally Animal Health. The initial seven products are expertly formulated supplements for horses and dogs, and include: • Canine (Dog) Products: • Calming Formula™ — soothing and calming • Bladder Control™ — healthy bladder function • Curacel™ Curcumin — cellular support • Joint & Hip Formula — comfort and mobility • Skin & Coat — omega fatty acid blend • Equine (Horse) Products: • Curamax™ — powerful curcumin for horses • Comfrey Cream Topical — joints, muscles, skin

Terry Naturally by EuroPharmaStreet Address: 955 Challenger Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311 Telephone: (920)406-6500 Fax: (920)406-8172 E-mail: Web site:www.europharmausa.comYear Founded: 2007

Key Personnel:Terry Lemerond, President Cheryl Myers, Chief of Scientific Affairs and Education Katie Umentum, Marketing Director Ed Snook, Sales Manager