Orange, NJ –A new study published inFood & Nutritionsuggest taking the carotenoid-rich tomato extract (CRTE) supplement (Cardiomato by Lycored, Orange, NJ) for two weeks may "inhibit the oxidation of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), the cholesterol most often associated with heart disease."

The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, funded by Lycored, was carried out by scientists at Naturalpha Clinical Nutrition Center at Hôpital Saint Vincent de Paul, Lille, France. The study's 146 adult participants, who were of a healthy and normal weight, were given either a placebo or carotenoid-rich tomato extract comprised of phytonutrients, for two weeks.

After ingestion of high-fat meals, scientist measured the oxidized LDL, glucose, insulin and triglyceride responses of participants for eight hours, prior to and after intervention. Results showed the tomato extract improved oxidized LDL responses of a high-fat meal.

"Lycored has been involved in multiple studies examining the relationship between tomato extracts and cardiovascular health over the past two decades," said Karin Hermoni, PhD, category manager at Lycored. "We've discovered that our standardized tomato extract for heart, Cardiomato can affect multiple parameters effecting cardiovascular health, such as blood pressure and endothelial function, but there is a particular amount of enthusiasm around this latest research. The fact that this study shows a CTRE can effectively reduce LDL oxidation and manage the stress response we are all experiencing almost every day of our lives is great news."

Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online 10/14/2016