Saint Charles, MO—New research on a branded strain of Streptococcus salivarius (BLIS M18 from BLIS Technologies and Stratum Nutrition) suggests that the probiotic supports children’s oral health in several important ways.

Researchers identified 76 children ages six through 17 who were at high-risk of dental caries (i.e., tooth decay), according to recent cariograms. Half of the children were given the oral probiotic while the other half had no intervention for three months. The team found that after the trial was over the probiotic group had “a statistically significant reduction, by more than 30%, in the global Cariogram outcome.” Specifically, plaque amount was cut by 50% and Mutans streptococci presence (which is a factor that leads to tooth decay) was slashed by 75%.

The group hypothesizes that the strain, after colonizing the oral mucosa, releases bacteriocins that prohibit the growth of unfavorable bacteria in the mouth. The probiotic also makes the enzymes that counteract plaque formation and saliva acidity, the researchers believe.

The data are published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry.

Published On WholeFoods Magazine Online 5/25/16