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“Meshima, (Phellinus linteus) whose name literally means “Women’s Island,” is a mushroom that grows on mulberry trees on an island of the same name southwest of Japan. Meshima is becoming increasingly known for its remarkable women’s health benefits.* In groundbreaking studies, US researchers recently confirmed that an extract of Meshima mushrooms demonstrates potent activity in helping to maintain healthy breast cells.*” source: Mushroom Wisdom

Mark Kaylor is discussing Meshima mushroom. Like many mushrooms, Meshima has potent immune support with very specific areas of benefit. Meshima research is showing the specific extracts of Meshima are beneficial to female breast cells and tissue. There is a long history of use now combined with modern scientific research.

Look for companies that invest in the science to prove effectiveness and safety. This is an example of a particular company (Mushroom Wisdom), investing in research to discover if their products and extracts are effective. Find the companies that create AND research their ingredients. Mushroom Wisdom has been developing products and investing in the research for over 25 years. One of the primary goals of HealthQuestPodcast.com is to introduce you the best companies. We teach you how to make the distinctions that lead to better choices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of these studies were done with extracts created by Mushroom Wisdom. Sometimes they tested various extracts to see if one is more effective. So the idea that all products are equal is false. Don’t accept products that are sold using borrowed (stolen?) science. If you want the results shown in studies, use the products and dosages used in the study.

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