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There is a great deal of excitement over CBD Oil. With good reason. It’s safe and effective for everyday use by consumers and it has properties that can be exploited pharmaceutically.

In fact, there is ongoing clinical research using CBD for serious health conditions. In this interview with Dr. Hector Lopez, we will explore the difference between the drug development research and the consumer applications of CBD.

We will look at the research being done by GW Pharma, which is developing a very high potency application of CBD for Dravet’s Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. We will compare that to the consumer products produced by CV Sciences. So here we have two high quality reputable companies creating CBD products for two different purposes and two different markets. They should be able to coexist.

Doctors and researchers need to study the medical model. Otherwise how will we know if very high potency CBD can improve serious health challenges? But research such as this should not preclude consumer products from being available for helping to support the ECS. (endocannabinoid system). It is important to remember that hemp based products have been used for thousands of years. Consumers should have access to safe and effective CBD. Consumers do not need medically high doses of CBD to have a beneficial effect on the ECS.

This is not the first time and won’t be the last that natural products have been the source of medical drugs. We have omega-3 rich fish as food, fish oil as supplement and fish oil as a medically prescribed drug. There are many examples of plants to drugs. They can and do coexist in the market place and they serve distinctive needs. Consumer based CBD oil is available in many forms and concentrations. We’ll discuss those differences with Dr. Lopez. Just remember that consumer based CBD products from different companies are not the same as those from CV Sciences. Make sure your CBD comes from a company you can trust. You should expect transparency as well as quality from every company.

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