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In this interview with Jay Hyeok, we will consider the benefits of beta glucan for its role in for immune support. Many people are looking for ways to enhance immune function. What does that mean? The immune system is complex and there are many, many ways to influence immune function. How do you know which products are likely to be helpful for you in particular? How do you find products that have certified clinical efficacy? That’s our exploration in this interview.

As with most nutrients, there are distinctions that must be understood in order choose the best product. Here are some of the issues we will explore in this interview.
  • There are different types of beta glucan. There is 1,3 D form which is more active than the 1,6 D form.
  • There are numerous sources for beta glucan such as bacteria, yeast, mushrooms and some grains.
  • What does that science reveal about the benefits to human health?
In this interview we are going to answer these questions for one specific brand of beta glucan, BetaImmuneShield™, from one specific manufacturer, Vesta Ingredients. It is always important to remember that each patented and/or trademarked product is unique. It is the specific product that we explore and it is the distinctions that make the difference. Beta glucan is most effective when taken as a daily supplement.

BetaImmuneShield™ provides nutritional immune support through the related mechanisms below.
  • Priming key immune cells
  • Promotion of cell signaling
  • Intracellular  phagocytosis
  • Supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria
Beta 1,3 D Glucan is considered as part of the family of Beta Glucans which support the immune system. Beta Glucans also support the ability to ward off pathogens and to alleviate allergic reactions, without an auto-immune response from over-stimulation. Beta Glucans have been recommended to people whose body defenses have been weakened   by disease conditions, physical and emotional stress, or by prophylactic treatments.