Our go-go-go lifestyles have led to the evolution of the active nutrition market, fueled by people who aren’t necessarily regular gym-goers, but rather taking a proactive approach to health and fueling up for their busy days. The opportunity is significant: FMCG Gurus consumer insights from February 2020 revealed that 95% of consumers had purchased a sports nutrition product in the prior six months. In this panel discussion from the Naturally Informed event Active Nutrition: Mastering the Market, Mike Hughes of FMCG Gurus, Dan Harari of ClearCut Analytics, and Mark Blumenthal of the American Botanical Council (ABC) offer an update on the market, with experts insights into ingredients and innovations.

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The next virtual event in the Naturally Informed series, Healthy Aging: Mastering the Marketbrings together researchers, sports nutrition specialists, and industry professionals to investigate how businesses throughout the supply chain can meet consumer demand and master this growing market. Get up-to-date on emerging science, consumer trends, and actionable strategies for developing, positioning, and merchandizing products. Registration for the event, taking place September 29-30, isopen now.
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