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Mushrooms have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years. We now live in a time when we all have access to the amazing mushrooms from around the world. We also have the scientific ability to understand why mushrooms are so beneficial. Paul Stamets is considered one of the world’s leading mycologists. He has spent a lifetime researching mushroom and developing them for commercial applications. Thanks to Paul, we have a greater understanding and appreciation of the health benefits of these amazing mushrooms.

In this podcast I am interviewing Jerry Angelini. Jerry is the National Science Educator for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. We will discuss the broader topic of beneficial mushrooms. Of the hundreds of mushrooms that have been identified there are only a few that we consider as beneficial. Most of the mushrooms considered beneficial are the ones that have been used for centuries in traditional cultures. So with the anecdotal knowledge and today’s scientific capabilities we can now consider these mushrooms as serious contributors to human health.

So how do we get from raw mushrooms in the environment to the capsules you take? Most people don’t think about who makes their supplements. Consumers like to be confident that the products they purchase are safe and effective. But how is it that we should have confidence in any or every product in the marketplace? The sad fact is that consumers have to become savvy buyers because there are many inferior products and many companies who care very little about the quality of the products they produce. In this interview with Jerry, we are going to explore the unique products and processes of Host Defense Organic Mushrooms.

Steve LankfordSteve Lankford is the host of Steve has over 40 years oexperience in the natural products industry. His passion is helping others develop nutritional programs that work. At, Steve interviews the experts in the fields of science and nutrition. His in depth explorations and consumer friendly style are designed to help listeners learn about the science of nutrition. His guests are some of the most respected experts in the natural products industry.

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